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Hair Transplant FAQ Pasadena, CA

Hair loss occurs for a wide variety of reasons, from disease and genetics to aging and nutrient deficiencies. When non-surgical treatments are ineffective, hair transplant surgery can offer a solution to restoring hair on the scalp or face. Dr. Lakshman at Pasadena Hair Transplant is a dual board certified plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist who can answer your questions about hair transplant surgery.

There have been many changes in the technology used in hair restoration. At Pasadena Hair Transplant, we use follicular unit extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft® for a less invasive and more effective method of hair transplant. The following are some of the hair transplant FAQs that we hear at our clinic in Pasadena, CA.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

When a hair follicle no longer is able to grow hair, a follicle from another area on the body can be harvested and transplanted to the desired area. The two most common methods used currently are follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both harvest and transplant hair follicles but the difference is in the harvesting. FUT harvests strips of hair follicles through incisions in the scalp while FUE removes 1-4 follicles at a time without incision. FUT is faster, but it will leave linear scars from the incisions in the donor area. FUE is a slower method, but without the scarring and longer recovery time.

How Is NeoGraft FUE Performed?

FDA-approved NeoGraft uses an automated pneumatic system that is more efficient at performing the FUE method than manually extracting the hair follicles with forceps. The machine can complete the harvesting and transplant of the follicles much quicker and there is a lower risk of follicle damage.

During the procedure, the patient’s scalp is shaved in the donor area and numbed with local anesthesia. Patients can receive a mild sedative to relax during the surgery. The NeoGraft device extracts hair follicles with pneumatic pressure, then the surgeon places the hair grafts in the desired area. The procedure can take 4-10 hours, depending on the number of grafts performed.

What Can I Expect After My Hair Transplant?

Recovery from NeoGraft FUE hair transplant surgery is typically 1-2 weeks, although most patients can return to most normal activities the next day. The scalp will be tender and there is usually some swelling around the transplanted hair follicles for a few days. The recovery time is generally to allow any scabs from the procedure to fall off to make the transplant undetectable to others.

We understand that our patients have many questions about the procedure, but the best way to learn about hair transplant surgery is to come in for a personal consultation. Each patient’s procedure is customized for their situation, including the cost and length of the procedure. To find out more, contact us at Pasadena Hair Transplant to book your initial consultation at our office in Pasadena, CA.

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