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Thin hair on the scalp or face can affect your appearance and confidence. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most effective options for restoring thicker, fuller hair for your scalp, eyebrows or beard. Both men and women can enjoy thicker hair with our hair restoration procedures at Pasadena Hair Transplant. We offer advanced methods for hair restoration at our medical center in the Pasadena, Glendale and Los Angeles, CA, area.

At Pasadena Hair Transplant, our dual board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shankar Lakshman, utilizes advanced options in hair restoration surgery. Our medical center uses NeoGraft® follicular unit extraction (FUE) to harvest individual hair follicles and transplant them to the desired area. This method is less invasive than previous techniques, without incisions or stitches required. The follicle transplant procedures can be performed quicker and with improved results for our male and female patients.

Face and Scalp Hair Restoration

Whether you have scarce eyebrows or a receded hairline, there may be options for hair restoration with NeoGraft hair transplant surgery. We offer a variety of hair restoration and transplant procedures to achieve the desired hair thickness and coverage at our clinic in Pasadena, CA. The procedures require little downtime or recovery, with amazing results for our patients. Our hair transplant surgery options include:

Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in the last few decades. The FUE method offers a quicker option for patients desiring a hair transplant without the incisions, stitches or scars that previous techniques required. The outcomes are more discreet and natural-appearing, offering long-lasting results. For many of our patients, the investment in hair transplant surgery has increased their self-confidence and overall quality of life.

If you have been considering a hair restoration procedure in the Los Angeles area, come see our hair transplant surgery specialists at Pasadena Hair Transplant. We offer cutting-edge methods for restoring facial and scalp hair for men and women at our clinic in Pasadena, CA. Contact our medical center today to schedule an informative, confidential consultation with Dr. Shankar Lakshman.

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