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Tips to Prevent Hair Loss from Holiday Stress Pasadena, CA
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The holidays can be joyous and stressful at the same time. Anxiety and stress can create an emotional and physical toll on your body. High levels of stress can lead to hair loss and other serious health conditions. There are a few things you can do to stay calm and relaxed during all the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, shopping and decorating. Here are three tips to help you prevent hair loss from stress during this holiday season.

Protect Your Hair from Dry Winter Air

While California may not have harsh winters, cooler dry air can reduce the amount of your hair’s natural moisture. If you use your heat, it can limit the amount of moisture in the air of your home and make your hair brittle. Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to protect from hair loss. Brush your hair towards your face daily to reduce tension and boost circulation and let it air dry instead of using a hairdryer. Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when heading outdoors.

Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Overindulgence in holiday treats can significantly impact the health of your hair. Your body needs the right nutrients for hair growth and to prevent illnesses leading to hair loss. Enjoy your favorite holiday foods in moderation while making sure to eat healthy meats, vegetables and fruits on a regular basis.

Relieve Holiday Stress with Exercise

Exercise can provide numerous benefits for your hair and health. A regular exercise routine can stimulate blood circulation and growth hormones. You can reduce your stress levels during the holidays while reducing the risk of hair loss. A brisk walk helps to boost serotonin to relieve anxiety, boost your mood and improve your quality of sleep. This will help your body to focus better on its natural healing process throughout the night to help you enjoy a strong and healthy head of hair.

Advanced Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

If you are struggling with hair loss, there are treatments available to help with restoration. Pasadena Hair Transplant specializes in non-surgical hair loss treatments to help you restore your confidence in your appearance. Call to book an appointment today.

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