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Tips to Improve Your NeoGraft Hair Transplant Results Pasadena, CA
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NeoGraft FUE hair transplant procedures have provided incredible results for men and women worldwide. This is a less invasive and more effective method for hair restoration than FUT and other previous techniques for hair transplantation. While NeoGraft does provide excellent results for thinning or balding scalp hair loss, there are ways patients can help improve their outcomes. Here are some tips on what to do and not do after your NeoGraft hair transplant to achieve the best results.

Washing Your Hair

After your procedure, our team at Pasadena Hair Transplant will give you precise instructions for aftercare. However, if you have not had your procedure yet, you may wonder about washing your hair afterward. Most patients must refrain from washing their hair for 48 hours after the transplant surgery. After that, you can gently wash your hair. It is important not to scratch or massage too hard during the first week or more. Changing your showerhead setting to a gentle sprinkle or using a cup to carefully pour water on your head for shampooing and rinsing is ideal in the first five days (after the initial 48 hours).

Avoid Touching or Pressing on Your Scalp

During the first week after your procedure, you want to avoid touching or pressing on the scalp. This includes sleeping – you should plan to sleep with your head elevated and on your back, not on your side or stomach. This puts the least pressure on your hairline to allow it to heal. If you need to apply ice to help with swelling, do not press it to the scalp. Place it high on the forehead, right in front of your hairline.

Stay Hydrated and Reduce Sweating

You want to drink plenty of water as you heal, but you should avoid any excessive exercise that makes you sweat for about two weeks. Giving your scalp time to heal is vital for the best outcomes. You can still walk and get mild exercise but avoid hitting the gym or heavy workouts. Make sure to cover your head if you are going outside to avoid sun exposure to the scalp during the first two weeks. You can wear a loose hat after your scalp heals for three days after your hair transplant.

No Dying or Smoking

If you dye your hair, you should plan on not dying it in the month after your hair transplant. Dye it before your procedure and wait at least a month before your next treatment. You should also avoid smoking for a month – quitting for good is the best idea. Both these activities can have devastating damage to the transplanted hair follicles and impede new growth.

NeoGraft hair transplants can provide excellent results when you follow the post-care instructions. For more information on NeoGraft hair restoration and how to achieve the best outcome, contact our team at Pasadena Hair Transplant.

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