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Precautions to Take Following a Hair Transplant Pasadena, CA
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A hair transplant can be life-changing. However, did you know there are things you should and should not do? Follow these precautions following a hair transplant to enjoy the best results.

Lie On Your Back Only

Many people sleep on their stomachs and toss and turn during the night. If you are among them, you must avoid it the first week after treatment. You cannot sleep with your new hairline pressed against your pillow. Use a weighted blanket or try sleeping in a recliner if you cannot control moving around all night. It is a minor inconvenience to ensure your treatment outcome is as intended.

Sleep Inclined if Experiencing Swelling

Keep your head elevated when asleep during the first week after treatment to reduce the likelihood of swelling. However, not everyone has swelling after getting hair implants. If you do not experience any discomfort in the forehead area, you should be able to sleep normally (flat on your back).

Follow Prescription Medication Instructions Exactly

Ignoring drug labels after a hair transplant is a bad idea. To prevent infection, take antibiotics as prescribed. If the warning label on your prescription says not to drive, do not drive. Also, do not take too much medication, and take medicines with food if instructed to avoid GI distress.

Do Not Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates, which can slow recovery and cause discomfort. In addition, it can raise blood pressure and reduce blood and nutrients to the head. Abstain from drinking for five days following surgery.

Smoking also affects blood pressure, so you should quit a few months before the transplant and avoid any nicotine-containing products for a month afterward.

Hair Washing Guidelines

Do not wash the hair for two days after a transplant. After three days, you can wash your hair, but do so gently through the fifth day. Also, do not blast your scalp with water directly. Instead, use a cup to pour water onto your head and rinse out the shampoo. If your scalp itches, you may gently apply conditioner.

Hair-Dying Guidelines

You cannot dye your hair for a month after restoration. However, if you must, dye your hair before treatment. The harsh chemicals can harm the transplanted follicles if you dye your hair after, because transplanted follicles are fragile for weeks.

Drink Lots of Water and Eat Healthy

Hydration is essential before and after a transplant – more hydrated means you are more comfortable and will enjoy a faster recovery. A few weeks of drinking 10% more water can boost your recovery.

Nutrition is as important as blood flow and hydration during recovery. Thicker, healthier, softer, sleeker, stronger and beautiful hair needs nutrients. If you are not getting enough nutrients, supplement calcium, magnesium, protein, iron, vitamin B6, zinc and biotin. In addition, eat lots of protein.

Avoid Sun Exposure and Wearing Hats

After a hair transplant, avoid direct sunlight between 10 AM and 2 PM. If you must go outside, do not linger. In addition, avoid wearing a hat for at least 72 hours following treatment.

Avoid Sweating

Avoid heavy exercise and exertion. Brisk walks, yoga and tai chi are good workout alternatives in the first week after treatment. Also, refrain from any heavy sweating activities (like saunas).

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